Available Technologies

lab_techsMBI has a pipeline of biobased technologies at various stages of development. MBI has the rights to commercialize these technologies. Please contact us for more information about accessing these technologies.


Fumaric acid has been widely used as a food additive and is recognized as a versatile intermediate for the production of bio-based polymers. Fumaric acid can potentially replace maleic anhydride in various applications.

MBI has developed a patented fermentation and recovery process for biobased fumaric acid.

MBI is actively seeking commercial partnerships for its biobased fumaric acid platform.


Succinic acid has been widely recognized as a versatile intermediate for the production of solvents, chemicals, and materials that can displace current petrochemical feedstocks.succinicacid

MBI is a technology leader in fermentation-based succinic acid and has systematically derisked the production process by making improvements to the microbial strain, fermentation, and recovery steps. MBI isolated and patented a novel bacterium, Actinobacillus succinogenes, and has re-engineered its metabolism to increase productivity, improve yield, and reduce by-products. A. succinogenes is a particularly effective choice for clients seeking to use cellulosic sugars for the production of succinic acid as it simultaneously utilizes both 5 and 6 carbon sugars.

MBI is actively seeking commercial partnerships for its biobased succinic acid platform.