July 1, 2015 MBI
July 1, 2015

Bobby Bringi, Research Professor, MSU

Bobby Bringi, President & CEO

From 2007 to 2015, Bobby Bringi served as President and CEO of MBI, working with his colleagues to transform MBI into one of the industry’s most well-respected biotechnology hubs. As the pioneer of derisking—a process that quickly and cost-effectively weeds out flawed technologies while accelerating viable ones to successful commercialization—MBI’s unique capabilities have been sought after by leading industrial and academic innovators.

In early 2016, Bobby transitioned from MBI, becoming a Research Professor at Michigan State University’s Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science. At MSU, he continues to lead the team of developers working to take AFEX to the global stage. AFEX is a disruptive technology that upgrades underutilized agricultural residues into high-quality cattle feed and further serves as a feedstock for biobased fuels and chemicals. The AFEX project is a collaborative partnership between MSU, MBI, and several international institutions and agencies.