July 10, 2015 MBI
July 10, 2015

Tim Campbell, AFEX Process Engineering Manager

Tim has more than fifteen years of research and development experience in both private- and public-sector research organizations. His areas of expertise include chemical process modeling and analysis, analytical chemistry, and design of experiments as applied to alternative fuel and energy processes, as well as environmental monitoring and remediation technologies.

Tim’s recent projects have included development of a method for production of hydrogen from JP-8 for fuel cell electric power generation, a novel device for in situ determination of groundwater contaminant fluxes, and a Sterile Water for Injection generator. His work has led to three U.S. patents and more than fifteen research publications, including Environmental Science & Technology‘s 2006 Technology Paper of the Year.

Tim received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Northern Michigan University, and his Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida.